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White on: How to do white right

By Holly Sprott

Clean, fresh and bright – white can make your home timelessly stylish. Here’s how to nail this colour palette in every room of the house.

In the living and dining rooms
As the communal rooms in the house, choosing the right colour palette is critical in your living spaces. While white can be effortlessly chic, too much of it can create a clinical feel – exactly the opposite of what you want.
Opt for off-white and cream shades for the walls, and balance out the light with another neutral shade as a feature wall. When it comes to interior design, maintain the same colour palette for big pieces of furniture, then add pops of colour with your accessories.
Colourful cushions, wall prints and rugs complement white, as do a few strategically placed plants throughout the room.

In the kitchen
When it comes to the heart of the home, white tends to work best with a contrasting colour – think dark granites, rich brown woods, deep reds and lush greens. Choose either white or your colour for the cabinets and drawers, then alternate the other for benchtops and kitchen islands.
For appliances, try to do something similar to your living room. Choose a complementary colour (for example, lush green appliances to complement rich brown wood) then use this to add pops of colour to bring your kitchen to life.
A white-on-white kitchen can be very stylish, but try to add a bit of texture in the benchtops or with furniture such as brightly coloured stools to make the white stand out and bring warmth to the home.

In the bathroom
From a white bathtub and sink to metallic taps, bathrooms can be a bit more limited with design elements. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your bathroom beautiful. In here, it’s all about textured tiles, accessories and lighting.
For a contemporary bathroom, white marble tiles on the floor work well with black granite walls or cabinets and bright lighting. Charcoal tiles seamlessly complement white or wooden cabinets, and warm, subdued lighting makes the entire room feel like a sanctuary.
If you want a classic white bathroom, coloured candles and on-trend towels can help bring that ‘wow’ factor without being overdone.

In the bedroom
As far as using white in your colour palette is concerned, when it comes to the bedroom the motto is “less is more”. Unlike other rooms where utilising pops of colour works well, in your bedroom it’s almost the opposite. Choose a colour palette that doesn’t include white, then use white to bring the room together.
White linens, bedside tables, chests of drawers and door frames help keep your bedroom stylish and fresh, while also allowing you to showcase your own personal flair using colour and patterns throughout the rest of the bedroom.

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