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Three Open Home Strategies for Sellers

By Adrienne McTavish

Scheduling an open home can be a great strategy for selling your Bulimba real estate. However, to really make the most of this opportunity there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Make the best first impression

As humans, we make most of our judgements in a series of snap decisions – so if you're staging an open home for your property, remember to pay special attention to the front door, garden and driveway and ensure they look their best as these will be the first impression buyers get.

If potential buyers are presented with an exterior that looks unkempt or run-down, their initial judgements about your property aren't going to be very favourable.

This will hardly get your open home off to the right start, so avoid this situation by tidying up around the entrance to your home.

Time your open home strategically

You want your open home to be a special, one-off event so as to maximise the sales potential of your property and draw in as many buyers as you can.

To make the most of an open home, think carefully about when to schedule it and ensure that your house has received plenty of marketing (whether through print, online, or physical signs placed at your property) beforehand.

Make some space

Last but not least, make sure any clutter is cleared away before the buyers come out! You want them to imagine themselves living in your home, which is difficult to do if there's too many personal objects lying around.

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