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The 411 on indoor plants

By Holly Sprott

Indoor plants can be just as fun to grow as your garden and can be the perfect way to fill empty space in your home. Get a handle on what you need to know about this colourful, living decoration.

Health benefits
If you feel more relaxed when you’re around indoor plants, your mind isn’t just playing tricks on you. This is scientifically proven to be true. A study from NASA has shown that beyond the colour and vibrancy an indoor plant can add to your home, they also purify the air.
Just one plant in a room can help clear toxins from the air. Leafier plants have been shown to be more successful at filtering the air. Consider plants such as the bamboo palm, spider plant or a weeping fig for the best results.

One for the most noticeable advantages of having a home decorated with flowering indoor plants is the lovely scent that will be carried throughout your home. Plants with pleasant scents to consider include:

  • Jasmine: Emits a sweet scent that will remind you of spring.
  • Sharry Baby orchids: Smells like vanilla to some, while others believe it smells like chocolate.
  • Gardenia: A floral smell like Jasmine that is also considered quite earthy.
  • Geranium: Available in many scents, including rose, mint, lemon and orange.

Lighting needs of your houseplant
Each individual indoor plant has different needs when it comes to natural light. While this is dependent on the species of plant, there are some general rules which can help you choose the placement of plants in your home.

  • Flowering plants require more light than other plants.
  • Plants with thicker leaves generally do not need as much light as other foliage-only plants to thrive. Cacti, however, is an exception to this rule as these enjoy hot, bright conditions.
  • Other plants thrive, depending on how much sunlight they receive each day. Consider placing your plant in a west-facing or east-facing position to receive the light from sunset or sunrise each day.

Experiment with the placement of your plant until you begin to see it thrive.

Indoor plants have the potential to add colour, comfort and life into your home. Ensure you understand the different needs of your plants before you foray into indoor gardening.

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