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7 Tips to Get the Monochrome Look in your Home

By Holly Sprott

The combination of a black and white colour palette makes for a sophisticated statement in your home. Not sure how to get this contemporary interior trend right?

Online homewares and furniture retailer’s interior stylist Emma Blomfield shares the dos and don’ts of the monochrome look!

1. Touch of texture
The monochrome look can be intimidating, so make sure to soften with texture. Cosy furnishings such as knit throws, velvet cushions and shag pile rugs will sharpen out the edges and make your room more inviting.

2. Just a hint of print
Don’t overwhelm with graphic patterns. Take the less is more approach by styling detailed black and white motifs only where you want the room’s focus to be.

3. Composition with height
By using just two colours in your furnishings and décor, you always run the risk of the space looking a bit monotonous. Avoid this by playing with height and composition. Make sure the items on your bookshelf or the prints on your wall are all placed and hung in different heights – this makes the room more lively and interesting.

4. Add a touch of life
A great way of introducing a third colour to a monochrome room is by adding plants. The greenery will instantly make the black and white space more welcoming and warm, and plants always breathe life into any room.

5. Go for gloss
Want to go for a glamorous and edgy space that makes a statement? Create drama with high-gloss monochrome accessories.

6. Light up
Use statement lighting to define key areas in a large monochrome space. Floor lamps will provide interest in unused corners, and table lamps are beautiful accents for the middle of a living room.7.

7. Go Scandi
For a super modern look, pair monochrome with pale timbers. Monochrome and natural materials are a match made in heaven, and celebrate the Scandi ethos of simple design.

Sourced: Lifestyle Home

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