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6 Tips For Presenting Your Home For Sale

By Kayla Hides

To sell your home, and get the highest price possible during the process, you want buyers to just fall in love with it.

From the moment a buyer looks at your property online to when they first see it in person you want them to be drawn in, so that emotional attachment is formed immediately. You want a buyer to say ‘I just have to have it!’

The key to doing that is presentation. You can have a great home but if it’s unkempt most buyers won’t even bother coming to look.

So how do you present your home in the best way possible to achieve a successful sale? Our team has provided the following top tips:

Let the light in

A nice, bright home is an inviting home, so do everything you can to let the light shine in.

Open the curtains, angle the blinds up and turn all the lights on, checking that all the light bulbs are working in the process, says Kym Cross, Ray White Bulimba Sales and Marketing Professional. Opening the windows up can also help to provide light and air, as long as it’s not too cold.

“It’s also a good idea to move any furniture that’s sitting in front of windows or doors so it’s not blocking the light,” Kym says.


Since our homes are lived in, they don’t usually look as pristine as those you see in catalogues or magazines. But since they’re the aspirational homes everybody wants, when you put your home on the market you want it to closely resemble this.

How do you do that? By getting rid of all the clutter. Go for the minimalist look by taking general household paraphernalia and other unnecessary items off your benchtops, furniture and floors.

If you have a house full of furniture, consider removing some to open up your home and create more space, because this is what most buyers want.

It’s the little details that count, so sellers should also make sure the beds are made, toilet seats are down and towels are placed nicely on racks.

When decluttering it’s also a good idea to remove any personal items, such as photos of yourself, as this can prevent a buyer from imagining themselves living in the home, says Gunther Behrendt, Ray White Bulimba Sales and Marketing Professional.

“They are trying to visualize their personal story unfolding in the home so make it easier for them with the ‘less is more’ approach.”

Smarten up the interior

Sellers should always have their homes clean and tidy right throughout the selling process.

Before your property goes on the market give it a thorough clean, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and giving the kitchen and bathrooms a good once over.

This makes your home look that little bit more appealing to a buyer.

The last thing you want is to have a buyer put off by mould in the shower or dust bunnies on the floor.

It also helps to add some vibrant décor, says Mark Diamond, Ray White Bulimba Elite Sales and Marketing Professional. He suggests using brightly-coloured cushions against white walls to make the home “pop”.

Street appeal is everything

When preparing our home for sale we often focus on the inside, and while this is important, the outside shouldn’t be neglected.

The old saying ‘first impressions are everything’ absolutely rings true for real estate, and you only have one chance to make that first impression.

Prospective buyers will often drive past a home prior to an open inspection and if they don’t like what they see they can immediately cross your property off their list.

Buyers judge a home within just seven to 10 seconds, says Mark, so you need to make sure the outside is appealing enough to get them inside the front door.

“Spend time preparing the front façade, including landscaping,” he says.

Gunther says sellers should mow lawns, mulch garden beds, wash down driveways and the house itself, weed gardens and have their letterbox looking good.

“Don’t forget to proudly show your house number,” he adds.

Create a comfort zone

You want buyers to imaging living in your home, and what better way to do that than to make them feel at home?

Create areas where potential buyers can sit down during open homes and be comfortable so they can picture their lives playing out in the property.

“Make seating or relaxed areas on decks, in courtyards and in garden areas that help create a relaxed vibe,” says Kym.

“A creative way of doing this is to have a hammock on the verandah or a swing in a tree in your backyard.”

Ensure everything is in good working order

Check and correct any minor maintenance work and be certain your home is up to scratch for a building and pest inspection, advises Gunther.

Most buyers don’t want to have to fix things, and if they find something that needs work they’ll ask for a price reduction.

“If you’re not certain about what needs to be done engage a professional builder or inspector to advise you on any issues,” Gunther says.

“Being prepared and eliminating any surprises could save you thousands and even save the sale of your home.”

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