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By Kayla Hides

Is it time to freshen up your home? Autumn is the best time to get your tools out, or pop into your nearest design store and make changes to your home. To make life easier, we’ve compiled our favourite autumn renovations and design ideas below. They’re all simple things that you can do yourself, but they could make all the difference to your home once summer is over.


A little preventative maintenance now can help ensure your place stays looking brand new.

Winter is one of the hardest times of year for the exterior of your property. Rain, wind and cold can wear down your home’s exterior paint job and fittings, causing them to look worn and tired. A little preventative maintenance can help ensure your place stays looking brand new.

First inspect your home’s exterior paint job – if it’s looking rough or peeling it may be time to repaint your home. If you’ve got the time and your home only has one storey, you may be able to paint the house yourself.

If you’ve never painted before, ask a handy friend to help, or hire a professional painter to spend a half day teaching you. That way you’ll get the same results at the cost of just a few tins of paint.


In 2017, light, unassuming colours dominated – white tiles, light marble, pale wood, pastel fabrics. In 2018, interior design trends have u-turned and dark, moody colours are preferred. Think emerald greens, shades of black or chocolate browns.

These colours help create a feeling of cosiness and warmth which will be particularly appealing come winter.


The right use of this on trend metallic will add a certain old world, eclectic charm to any home interior.

Copper has been a mainstay in many new home design for years. You’ll find it in kitchen taps, light fittings, furniture, even cutlery. However, design experts have announced that a new metallic will be prevalent through 2018 – brass.

It’s similar to copper in many ways, but with an earthier colour, and less of a garish sheen. If your home design needs points of interest, use brass sparingly as a statement in kitchen fittings, light shades, door handles, and pieces of furniture.

The right use of this on trend metallic will add a certain old world, eclectic charm to any home interior.


There’s nothing better than long afternoons outdoors during summer and early autumn. Whether you’re dining, reading a book, or just spending time with family or friends, there’s something relaxing and fun about doing so outside.

If well installed, the right fire pit can act as both an attractive design feature and a way to keep warm.

Extend your 2018 outdoor season by making a few changes to your deck or patio before the weather starts to cool. Doing so can be as simple as purchasing an exterior heater, and draping throws and blankets over outdoor furniture for use when the nights get chilly.

If you’ve got a little more time and money on your hands, a fire pit is a brilliant idea. If well installed, the right fire pit can act as both an attractive design feature and a way to keep warm when entertaining outdoors.


Depending on where  you live, there may be a time when it’s simply too cold to really enjoy your home’s outdoor areas. When that happens, bring the outdoors in by including lush plantings throughout the interior of your home.

We love peace lilies, mother-in-laws tongue and dragon tree. They’re durable, require very little maintenance and will add a splash of life and colour to your interior when the weather outside starts to look a little grey. For a plant that makes a statement, why not go with a fiddle leaf fig. Its attractive oversized leaves and tall thin stem can add character and personality to any room.

Whatever renovations you decide to start this autumn, take your time, don’t overcapitalise and make sure you get all the expert help you need. With a little work you could improve your colder seasons at home, and even add to the value of your property.

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