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13,714 home decor products that you have to see…

By Holly Sprott

The accessories in a room can be all the difference. Stylists can often cover a multitude of design sins with some well-placed throw rugs and cushions. If your room needs saving, consider artworks, vases and even books to hide lifeless areas or embellish elements that need a lift. Browse online for ideas and inspiration about every kind of accessory out there.

Despite often being small, accessories can turn a bland space into a loveable or dynamic room. Wall art can be a focal point or a complement to clever use of wall stickers, picture frames or mirrors. There are a wide variety of products to choose from, so use these tips to determine how best to incorporate them into your space.

How to decorate your walls
In a room where floor space is limited, it’s important to make the most of your walls by using every inch for home decor. If yours are looking a little barren, spice them up with colourful artwork or picture frames from fun home design stores. Creating your own photo collage can add a personal touch to any room, while mirrors can give a small space an added boost. If storage is an issue, use wall shelves and stack them with fun trinkets or flowers. Don’t forget about the wall itself! Add some flavour with a colourful patterned wallpaper or go for a brightly painted accent wall. 

Spice up tables with frames, home decor books and candles
If your living room needs a lift, liven it up by adding a few thoughtful accessories. Pictures always make great additions, but keep them interesting by mixing up your frames — getting too matchy-matchy can make the room look boring. When lit, candles add a romantic, relaxing feel, and coffee table books about travel, home design, fashion or photography make for great conversation starters with guests. You can also show off your green thumb by adding a plant or a vase with some flowers. 

Don’t forget the fabric
Since most of us have neutral-coloured furniture, one of the easiest ways to punch up a look is through the fabric you display. Swap out throw pillows and blankets to liven up a dull home decor foundation, and search home design stores for bold or mismatched patterns. Because of their size, floor-length curtains can make a dramatic difference and can transition a room from traditional to contemporary all by themselves.

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