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Tom Duffy


As a rising name in the Belmont real estate arena, Tom combines an unrivalled knowledge of sales and client relations with an innovative mindset that consistently places his clients’ needs at the core of every transaction. His focus on sales and the ability to convert concepts into lucrative outcomes for his clients sets him apart in the fast-paced property market. Bringing grit and practical understanding from his background in the plumbing industry, Tom delivers an in-depth understanding of property construction and maintenance, giving him a unique advantage in real estate transactions. He has nonstop commitment to achieving outcomes that align with his clients' goals, efficiently managing all preparatory tasks for their properties without compromising quality and service.

After a successful two-year tenure as part of an award-winning team, Tom now stands independently, bringing a fresh perspective to the Belmont area. Despite the ever-evolving market landscape, employing his robust selling skills and efficient client relationship management.

Tom's work ethics, help his ability to perform proficiently even under pressure, making him an asset to the industry. His unwavering commitment to professional growth is evident in his continuous strive for knowledge and development, consistently enhancing the quality of service.