Jacob Butler

Sales & Marketing Professional

​A​ Hawthorne l​ocal, Jacob has a diverse background in business management and marketing, spending​ the last three years in property & facilities management overseas as an expat.

Self-motivated,​with​ 10 years’ experience as a Business Manager taking a positive approach and the ability to lead and motivate others whilst delivering results.

​Jacob has a proven track record of achieving targets in areas of planning, process, marketing and promotional activities.

His skills include:

  • High level of professionalism
  • Digital business strategy, specifically online branding, campaigns and marketing utilising social media
  • Diverse background in technology and marketing operations, product management,​
  • Sales management​
  • Positive, energetic, upbeat approach to client relations​
  • High degree of organisational and analytical skills​
  • Wide network having lived and worked in multiple countries

​Contact Jacob regarding when considering your next property transaction for the right advice.​

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